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Watch: The Angriest, Most Badass 'Wolverine' Trailer So Far Plus Hugh Jackman Q&A

Admittedly when the first trailer for The Wolverine arrived at the end of March, there was much left to be desired. The goofy train sequence capped a trailer that saw one of Marvel's most iconic heroes becoming mortal as he struggled with emotional, personal demons while facing a cunning enemy in The Silver Samurai.

A few weeks ago, Fox's presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas included a new Wolverine trailer which was screened for attendees and, presumably never meant to be released to the public. But much like Monday's Pacific Rim Wonder Con release, the footage was too good to be kept secret.

This morning finds the footage landing online, with Wolverine in full beast mode battling ninjas from The Hand and The Silver Samurai with quick peeks at Jean Grey and Viper.

Based on the '80s comic book series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, the story arc is one of the more personal examinations of Logan as he travels to Japan to be with his love Mariko, only to find she's been married off by her drug lord father to a rich and abusive man.

Take a look below and then scroll down for more Wolverine goodness.

OK, now that you're all amped up, here's a heads up about an event that will be going on tomorrow on Twitter.  

Hugh Jackman will be answering questions via video for the upcoming film. You can submit your questions to @RealHughJackman and/or @WolverineMovie using the hashtags #AskHugh and #TheWolverine.

The Q&A session gets under way at noon EST.

Meanwhile, The Wolverine opens in theaters July 26.



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