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Watch Now! 'Iron Man 2' Alternate Opening

You may have seen a few brief clips from the Iron Man 2 trailer that featured a little back-and-forth between Tony Stark (dressed in his Iron Man suit) and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) where she kisses his helmet and then throws it off the helicopter. Iron Man then jumps out after it, eventually landing in the middle of a giant auditorium full of screaming fans. And then you may have watched the actual movie in theaters and been all like…um, where's the scene from the trailer?

Iron Man 2
Well that scene was eventually cut before the film hit theaters because director Jon Favreau felt it was a better entrance for Iron Man if he opened with him diving into that auditorium. The original scene, which just leaked online (and will be featured on the upcoming DVD, due out next Tuesday), featured an extremely hungover Stark all bent over a toilet bowl, not ready to make his appearance at all.
While that scene would've been more in line with the deranged alcoholic Tony Stark eventually becomes in the comics, it's understandable to see why they changed it. By lessening the "crazy drunk" angle, it makes the movie pop a bit more, and it also allows the audience to have fun with Iron Man instead of feel pity for him. Stark does get his drink on later in the film (where he makes a complete ass of himself), and so those folks who felt his drunken attack came out of nowhere may find a bit more character substance by checking out this deleted scene.
Watch it below and then let us know whether you think Iron Man 2 would've been better keeping this scene in.


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