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Watch: New International 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Goes Dark

The voice over starts off, "One year after the battle in The Avengers…" and features footage of Tony Stark flying through the New York skies firing off those little shoulder missles before cutting to present day (at least present day for where Iron Man 3 takes place) with Stark and Pepper Potts meeting up after a long day.

We then get a mash-up of the explosive footage we saw in the first domestic trailer about a month ago along with Ben Kingsley's Mandarin reminding us that there's no such thing as heroes.

The final text reads, "Farewell, Iron Man," before leading to the April 26 Japanese release date (yes, they get to see the movie before us).

There's no new footage here, though the farewell text punch is an interesting tease. It comes right after we see Iron Patriot land while Stark says, "Nothing has been the same since New York."

Iron Man 3 opens in the U.S. on May 3, 2013.


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