Watch: John McClane's Car Chase, Dwayne Johnson Turns Informant and Kevin Spacey is a Powerful Friend

We're just a couple weeks away until John McClance comes yippie-ki-yaying back into theaters in A Good Day to Die Hard. IGN dropped a new clip from the film, featuring a sequence from the much-hyped car chase over the weekend.

While we'll have to wait until February 14 to see the full sequence in theaters, this clip gives us a good idea at the sort of humor and over-the-top action we should expect.

Dwayne Johnson may be celebrating becoming WWE Champion again over the weekend, but on February 22, he'll be facing a completely different kind of opponent in Snitch.

Yahoo Movies has released a new 60-second trailer from the film, which finds Johnson as a father whose son has been arrested and charged with drug-related offenses. In exchange for a sentence reduction, Johnson goes undercover and becomes an informant, ratting out drug dealers in his neighborhood.

Susan Sarandon, Benjamin Bratt, Barry Pepper and Nadine Velazquez co-star.

Attempting to rival cable networks like HBO, Netflix is getting into the television series business and boy does its new political drama House of Cards boast a stellar cast.

Headlined by Kevin Spacey and produced and directed (the first two episodes anyway) by David Fincher, the series finds the two-time Oscar winner playing the House Majority Whip, a ruthless politician who wants nothing more than to become president no matter what the cost.

Robin Wright, Corey Stoll, Kate Mara and Jaclyn Jones star in the series, which kicks off February 1.

Check out the new promo trailer below. Does this series look interesting? Will you check it out?

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