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The Conjuring

January not only marks a new calendar year, it also marks a great month for new horror movies. The Latin-tinged supernatural thrills of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, now playing in theaters, has moved the frightening franchise to a new, previously unexplored location, while Devil's Due (opening in theaters on January 17) promises to make pregnancy for young, first-time mothers (and fathers) a true roller-coaster of emotions.

The suspenseful Israeli indie Big Bad Wolves (also due January 17) descends into a basement with a serial killer and two angry men out for justice, and I, Frankenstein (January 24) gives new life to a 200-year-old creature who doesn't play well with other bloodthirsty monsters.

These new horror movies all sound good enough to lure us out of our homes and into theaters, but they also hold the strong possibility of trapping unwary moviegoers. How can you increase your chances of getting out alive? Watch our mash-up video to find out!


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