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Watch: 13-Minute 'Hobbit' Preview Features Cast Commentary and New Footage + First Look at Orlando Bloom

At this point you've probably decided whether you're going to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey next weekend and in what format. For those who are looking for a bit more behind the scenes footage and commentary, Warner Bros has released a new 13-minute clip featuring sound bites from the film's stars and director Peter Jackson, as well as a lot of new footage.

In the clip, Tolkien newbies get a background on The Hobbit storyline as well as an introduction to who the characters are. Stars from the franchise talk about returning to Middle Earth and Jackson touches upon a variety of topics including differentiating the looks of the dwarves, the iconic trolls scene and how he stretched one book into three movies.

If you haven't gotten your tickets for next week's release, there's still time. Are you watching the film in high frame rate 3D? Or are you sticking with regular 3D or IMAX?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens December 14.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has just revealed the first image from The Hobbit: There and Back Again (aka The Hobbit - Part 3) and it features none other than Orlando Bloom as Legolas! That film opens July 18, 2014. Take a look below!

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