Warner Bros. Strategy to Be Opposite of Marvel, 'Justice League' to Launch Spin-off Films; Will It Work?

With Man of Steel currently in theaters, the focus on Warner Bros. and the DC Comics Cinematic Universe has shifted to what's next. Are we going to be getting more stand-alone films or is Warner Bros. going to jump right into the long-rumored Justice League movie?

According to Man of Steel writer David Goyer, Warner Bros. may be taking the opposite approach of Marvel Studios, which carefully laid out a number of solo films before bringing its characters together for The Avengers.

"I think in some ways they're interested in going perhaps the opposite direction that Marvel has done, which may be to do a group film and then spin off," Goyer said in Empire's Man of Steel Spoiler Special podcast. You can listen to the full podcast below.

Indeed, Slashfilm points out that Man of Steel teases the presence of other characters in the DC Comics Universe. Does this lend credence to the Justice League being the next movie Warner brings to theaters or will it set the table with the Man of Steel sequel first?

Early speculation has the next DC Comics movie arriving in theater sometime in 2015, but considering Avengers 2 and Pirates 5 will most likely dominate the summer movie season that year, 2016 may be more realistic. That being said, a Justice League movie or the Man of Steel sequel could certainly squeeze into June or August. Keep in mind though, we don't have a release date for Star Wars: Episode VII which is also targeting summer 2015.

What do you think? Are DC and Warner Bros. making the right move by releasing Justice League first or should they release the Man of Steel sequel first?


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