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Warner Bros. Officially Green Lights Live-Action Americanized 'Akira' Remake; Garrett Hedlund Mentioned As Kaneda

After spending several years in development hell, Warner Bros. has decided to press forward with a live-action Americanized remake of the cult Japanese comic book/animated movie Akira.

Early reports say that currently attached Spanish director Juame Collet-Serra (Unknown, House of Wax) has a potential leading man in mind in the form of TRON: Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund, who seems to be the frontrunner for the Kaneda role. A series of names have been attached in the past, ranging from Keanu Reeves to Zac Efron. Hedlund was also rumored at one time to be a possible contender for David Slade’s Daredevil reboot.  
Warner Bros. has committed $90 million to the project on a script penned by Iron Man writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby. As previously reported, the live-action Akira will be set in "New Manhattan," a futuristic dystopian city raised in the aftermath of a nuclear bomb explosion executed by terrorists. The plot centers on Kaneda’s best friend Travis, known as Tetsuo in the Japanese movie/comics, who is captured by the totalitarian government and is subjected to medical experiments seeking to enhance his psychic abilities but instead develops destructive powers that he cannot fully control.
Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield are rumored for the Tetsuo Travis role.
Like it or not, the Akira remake is happening with filming beginning February/March next year. The question now is will this Americanized version draw people to watch it or will this remake go the way of other recent live-action remakes of Japanese comics like Speed Racer and Dragon Ball: Evolution? You can read a full script review posted over on ScreenRant from a while back to help form your opinion.
What are your thoughts on the remake, Hedlund as Kaneda and Tetsuo’s name being changed to Travis?!
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