Warner Bros. and Fox Settle 'Watchmen' Dispute

Watchmen fans, woohoo! It appears that Warner Bros. and Fox have finally gotten their acts together, and reached a settlement. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studios will present the details of their agreement to Judge Gary Fess on Friday morning, and request that the case be dismissed. Fess earlier ruled that Fox was right to claim copyright infringement, and that producer Larry Gordon hadn't obtained proper clearances before setting it up at rival studio Warners. Now it looks like WB has agreed to pay Fox a handsome payment, and a percentage of the film's final box office. Personally, I'm just breathing a mighty sigh of relief that we get to actually see this epic project open on March 6 (still time enough for curious new fans to read the one-of-a-kind graphic novel). Since Fox now has a vested interest in Watchmen's success, too, hopefully word will continue to spread even more for this potential megahit. If you liked The Dark Knight, be ready...

Here come the new superheroes!

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