'Vampire Academy' Fans Sink Their Teeth into New Images

Hollywood’s still looking for the next Bella and Edward, the next Katniss and Peeta. Could it possibly be Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch) and her forbidden lover Dimitri Belikov (Danila Kozlovsky) from the upcoming adaptation of Vampire Academy
Mark Waters (Mean Girls) helms the new film, due in theaters next February. It will adapt the first novel from author Richelle Mead’s six-book YA novel series that was first published in 2007.
Rose is a “Guardian” in training, who returns with her best friend Lissa Draagomir (Lucy Fry) to St. Vladimir’s Academy after running away two years prior. Though Dimitri is assigned to be Lissa’s personal guardian, his deep feelings for Rose put all of their relationships in jeopardy.
The questions surrounding Vampire Academy, of course, swirl around whether this will be the next Twilight or Hunger Games, or the next Mortal Instruments, which struggled at the box office despite having some success as a YA series. 
Waters is a proven name, having also directed The Spiderwick Chronicles and the 2003 take on Freaky Friday. But his cast is fresh faced and up-and-coming (Deutch was in Beautiful Creatures), so this film can make or break their young careers. 
There are four more Vampire Academy photos in this exclusive gallery on EW.com, so click over there if you want to check them out. 
In the meantime, we have a trailer that should help tide you over until Vampire Academy opens on February 14, 2014. Happy Valentine’s Day, fans!




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