Vacations from Hell

Vacations from Hell

The Ruins

For most people, it's the season for letting the sun shine in, preferably on a beautiful beach, far away from the madding crowds. Horror movie fans, however, are a different breed. We're suspicious about anything that might burn our skin or blind our vision, especially in a remote location where nobody can hear us scream.

And no wonder! We've been watching horror movies, which don't provide a very encouraging view of any type of leisure travel. Take, for example, the movies we've assembled below. Watch the clips, and then think about every terrible vacation you've ever endured at the movies. After that, join us as we snuggle up somewhere dark and safe, far away from the scorching sun, while we watch more vacations from Hell unfold on the big or small screen. 


The Ruins (2008)

Ah, nothing like a little jaunt into a jungle to liven up a lazy holiday in Mexico! Unfortunately, no one told these friends about the carnivorous vegetation that is waiting for them.


Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

Young tourists hire a guide to take them to an "extreme" vacation spot, a city that was once home to workers at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. To their everlasting regret, they learn that Chernobyl is not as abandoned as they were led to believe.


Shark Night  (2011)

A quick vacation getaway goes horribly wrong for a group of friends when sharks decide to dine on human flesh.


Turistas (2006)

So you say you want to visit Brazil on vacation? And go backpacking? Well, whatever you do, don't go to the beach, because then you risk losing your vital organs and possibly your life.


Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

A small group of friends decide to spend their vacation backpacking through Ireland. When they learn about some ancient artifacts, they want to investigate further, leading to a cabin in the woods and a most foul man of limited stature.


Open Water (2004)

Inspired by a true story, the film follows a couple who head to the islands for a restful vacation. While scuba diving, they are accidentally left behind by their tour group, leaving them to fend for themselves in the open water, surrounded by sharks.

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