Two-Face a One-Off

From Stacie Hougland: If you still had hopes that Two-Face would reappear in the next Batman installment, sorry -- Aaron Eckhart's dashing them.

Image In an interview on, the actor claims his double-visaged character is "dead as a doornail."

He continues: "I'm not coming back. I think unfortunately, Heath [Ledger] was supposed to go on and that didn't work out. I'm nobody. I'm a cog. I have no say over this sort of stuff. I'm sure that there's so many other characters that they could whip together. I heard Angelina Jolie was going to be Catwoman or something like that. I thought that was a great idea. I'd like to be in that one."

Sadly, just more reason to wonder how the series would have continued, if Ledger were still alive.

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