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'Twilight''s David Slade to Direct 'Wolverine 2'?

Hugh Jackman in WolverineIf you thought directing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse would somehow hurt David Slade's future career in front of the camera, think again. If anything, the high profile teen-centric "event movie" helped put a lot more eyes on who some consider to be one of Hollywood's best underrated genre directors working today – so much so that apparently 20th Century Fox is now strongly considering Slade to direct the next Wolverine movie.

Slade fans shouldn't get too excited just yet, since Vulture (who broke the story) claims he's duking it out with another strong contender, Robert Schwentke (Flightplan, The Time Traveler's Wife). On paper they may seem like two completely different directors (and that still may be the case), though keep in mind Schwentke also directed the upcoming action-heavy comic adaptation of Red, which may give him a leg up in the "directing comic book characters" department.
Still, for this particular film – which will find Wolverine fighting off samurais in Japan in order to win over the woman he loves – Fox needs someone who can pull off dark, moody genre stuff and make it appeal to a mass audience. Slade proved he's got what it takes by delivering the Twilight franchise's best (and most accessible) installment, and I think he'd do a splendid job with Wolverine so long as the studio doesn't get in his way.
Who do you think should direct Wolverine 2 – David Slade or Robert Schwentke?
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