'Twilight' Star to Play Conan the Barbarian?

Seeing as there are enough pairs of six-pack abs to stage multiple at-home workout videos, it's not surprising that the next Conan the Barbarian may come from someone involved in The Twilight Saga. According to Deadline Hollywood, producers are looking at three different actors to play the role originally performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger – and one of those dudes is Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Kellan Lutz and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Also in the running is Jason Momoa (known to those who watch Stargate: Atlantis), and then one more unnamed actor who DH claims is "better established", which is code for "more popular". The new Conan is set to begin shooting in March in Bulgaria, under the direction of Marcus Nispel (who just gave us the rebooted version of Friday the 13th). Obviously they're looking for an actor who has some muscles since, ya know, Conan is a barbarian and all that.
Speaking to E!, Lutz said this about the role: "I've been auditioning. They're finalizing so they're trying to figure out what happens next. I've been waiting for a while, doing screen tests. There are just so many cooks in the kitchen. If it happens, it happens…Regardless, it's not gonna be the new Arnold Schwarzenegger type of movie, no one's going to try and play that role. I think they're going younger, a different type of story. I'm just excited, because the script is great."
What do you think? Is Kellan Lutz fit enough to play the iconic Conan?
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