'Twilight' Star as Joan Jett?

No matter how you felt about Kristen Stewart's performance as the object of vampire Edward's affection in Twilight (some of our users said she "did fabulous," others said she "has all the acting talents of a houseplant"), she's been cast as Joan Jett in a leather-and-lace biopic of '70s grrrl group The Runaways.

You might know Jett more for her '80s hits like "I Love Rock N Roll" and "I Hate Myself For Loving You," but the Runaways, formed in 1975, were the first commercially successful all-girl rock band, whose songs like "Cherry Bomb" propelled them to stardom before they split in 1979. Guitarists Jett and Lita Ford went on to have successful careers, Jett with the Blackhearts and Ford on her own.

No word yet on the casting of Lita Ford. I wonder if the movie would dare hint at Joan and Lita's rumored girl-on-girl action? Methinks no.


Hello world I'm your wild girl...

Can you see it?

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