'Twilight' Spoof, 'Vampires Suck,' Gets a Trailer

A scene from 'Vampires Suck'You knew it was coming eventually. No franchise can have this much of an impact at the box office and in popular culture in general and then somehow escape a really lame spoof movie. So, in the spirit of films like Date Movie, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie comes Vampires Suck, a new spoof that will tackle all things vampires (and Twilight) when it arrives in theaters this August 18th.

Brought to you by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (the duo behind the aforementioned Date, Epic and Disaster), Vampires Suck has unleashed a trailer (using those same sparkly Twilight fonts we’ve all grown to love by now), and it, um, kinda sucks. Well, except if you’re the type of person who falls for this sort of stupid bland, in-your-face humor, then this could be the funniest trailer you watch all year.
No one of note stars in this thing (except for the usually hilarious Ken Jeong, who pops up wearing a Dracula cape), but if you dig Twilight and are open to watching it be spoofed, then maybe this will help you pass the time for a couple hours. Based on the trailer it seems like they mainly target New Moon (and that definitely makes it feel soooo 2009), but why don’t you watch it for yourself and let us know if you’ll be forking over the bucks or waiting for it to hit cable later this year.

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