‘Twilight’ Screenwriter Moves Onto Next Franchise: ‘Earthseed’

EarthseedWe’re trying really hard not to call this the next Twilight, because what this looks like is just another adaptation from a Young Adult series that will either hit or miss with the general public. The only thing that separates this from all the other kid-lit adaptations in the works is that Paramount has tasked Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg with writing the screenplay for Earthseed, based on the 1983 book by Pamela Sargent, the first in a trilogy of books that also included Farseed and Seed Seeker.

The story, set in the distant future, follows a group of teenagers who are born and grow up on a spaceship as part of a last-ditch effort to save humanity. While the ship goes in search of a planet they can settle on, the parent-less kids attempt to learn the necessary skills they’ll need to survive on a new planet.
Folks have compared the book to other sci-fi stories like Ender’s Game and City of Ember, and Rosenberg will be in charge of creating a compelling script that may help give Paramount a Twilight-esque franchise of their very own.
Have you read Earthseed? Does it have potential as a film? Can you see this turning into the next big teen-centric franchise? Sound off below…


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