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Trailers: New Looks at 'Oz,' 'Erased,' Tom Cruise's 'Oblivion' and Disney's 'Planes'

Heading to the theaters this weekend, possibly to see Jack the Giant Slayer or the college comedy 21 and Over? Major studios have a bevy of trailers that might be attached to those prints. We’re happy to give you a sneak peek at some anticipated family comedies, sci-fi thrillers and a change of pace for Aaron Eckhart.
Disney wants us looking ahead to next weekend’s Oz the Great and Powerful, which opens in theaters on March 8. The studio has dusted off one last trailer for the Wizard of Oz prequel, though director Sam Raimi still appears eager to keep the Wicked Witch of the West underneath his hat. His black, pointy witch hat. Which is fine. We’ll all be ready for the big reveal on Friday when the fantasy movie opens everywhere. 

Speaking of Disney, the studio announced that comedian Dane Cook would be re-recording all of the lead parts for this summer’s animated comedy Planes, from the creators of the studio’s Cars franchise. To get fans ready, this new trailer has been shared (even though the main character, Dusty, still has the voice of Jon Cryer … who Cook has replaced). Check it out!

We’ve already circled Tom Cruise’s post-apocalyptic Oblivion on our screening calendar. Cruise often hits home runs when he attempts science-fiction, and the teasers have shown promise as they paint a portrait of Cruise as one of the last survivors of a cataclysmic war. Or is he? The latest trailer spills more of the beans. The movie reaches theaters on April 19. 

Did you like Liam Neeson’s Taken? How about his similar action thriller, Unknown? Would you like to see those two movies mashed together into one movie starring Aaron Eckhart. You’re in luck! Here’s the trailer for Erased, due out in theaters on May 10:
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