Trailers: Get a Look at the Giants in 'Jack the Giant Slayer' and 'Epic'

Lost in the shuffle last week were a couple of new trailers to 2013 blockbuster films – Jack the Giant Slayer and Epic.

Bryan Singer tweeted recently that he was working on a new trailer for the perpetually delayed Jack the Giant Slayer and last week, it arrived online. Unlike the first trailer that arrived at the beginning of the year (before the film was delayed from its summer 2012 release), we never really got a good look at the Giant in the title. In this new trailer, we not only get a good look, but we also hear it talk.

The 3D action-fantasy is essentially a more extravagant take on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale. The film centers on a simple farm boy, Jack, who accidentally opens the gateway to the magical land of monsters and starts an all-out war between Humans and Giants. (Don't you hate when that happens?)

The movie stars Nicholas Hoult (Beast in X-Men: First Class) as Jack with supporting appearances by Ewan McGregor, Ian McShane, Stanley Tucci and Bill Nighy.

Jack the Giant Slayer hits theaters March 1, 2013.

Featuring the voices of Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Aziz Ansari and Steven Tyler, the first full-length trailer for Epic arrived online. We'd previously seen a teaser clip that essentially amounts to the final few seconds of this full-length version, but now we get a much better idea of the scope, story and level of animation for this 3D adventure film.

Directed by Oscar-winning animator Chris Wedge (Ice Age), the movie stars a teenage girl who finds herself magically shrunken and transported to a mini forest filled with talking slugs and tiny soldiers preparing for a war against an evil army.

Epic is set to open in theaters May 24, 2013. What do you think of the animation in this feature?

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