Trailer Watch: ‘Your Highness’, ‘Drive Angry 3D’, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

 Three new trailers have arrived right before the Christmas holiday. Let’s check them out …

The green-band trailer for Your Highness may not be as funny as the filthy R-rated version released not long ago, but it still comes packed with enough laughs to make this one of our most anticipated of 2011. A comical throwback to the fantasy genre, Your Highness stars James Franco as a prince who goes on a quest to rescue his kidnapped bride alongside his moronic brother, played by Danny McBride. Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel also star.
Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. Your Highness hits on April 8th.



In this crazed man-on-a-deadly-mission movie, Nicolas Cage plays a father who’s out to hunt down the men who killed his daughter. The new trailer gives us all we need to know: Nicolas Cage + Explosions + 3D = Heck yeah, we’ll see this!
Watch the trailer below. Drive Angry 3D is due out on February 25th.



Matthew McConaughey returns to screens (remember him?) as a lawyer who conducts business out of the back of his car (hence the title, which doesn’t refer to Abraham Lincoln, for those wondering). In the film, he takes a really big case defending a wealthy man (Ryan Philippe) who may or may not be guilty. We don’t see enough tasty legal thrillers anymore, so here’s hoping this one won’t make us want to sue the studio asking for our money back.
Watch the trailer below. The Lincoln Lawyer arrives on March 18th.


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