Trailer: Robert Pattinson Wants a Haircut in Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis'

Earlier this morning,  David Cronenberg's futuristic thriller Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson was officially selected as part of the Cannes Film Festival. In the film, Pattinson stars as a rich, self-destructive playboy who only wants to get a haircut. But being that this is a Cronenberg film,  a simple task like getting a haircut transforms into a nightmarish ride across midtown Manhattan.

Based on Don DeLillo's book of the same name, the film co-stars Paul Giamatti, Samantha Morton, Juliette Binoche and Jay Baruchel. While the film currently has no U.S. release date, it will screen at Cannes on May 23. Check out the new international trailer below and sound off with your thoughts on Cronenberg latest.


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