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Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con: 'Tron,' 'Buried,' and 'Saw 3D'

As Comic-Con continues to rage in San Diego, movie studios in Hollywood are releasing a slew of trailers that are debuting at the annual convention! But don't worry, if you can't catch it there, you can watch it here.

Tron: Legacy rocked Hall H with new footage of the increasingly dangerous and high-tech cyber world of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). Like its '80s predecessor, Tron: Legacy looks like digital adventure ahead of its time. Want a Light Cycle out of thin air? Coming right up.



Ryan Reynolds spends most of his time in Buried six feet underground in a coffin with only his cell phone and a lighter. Watch the new trailer and listen to his frantic phone calls as the battery runs out, the air gets thinner and his claustrophobia consumes him.



Saw decides to wrap up the series with a 3D finale. The franchise will be honored at the Con on Friday for setting a Guinness world record for "Most Successful Horror Movie Series." Check out the new trailer for this eye-popping, blood and gore fest.



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