'Toy Story' Rumor: Are Buzz and Woody Coming Back for a Fourth Film? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Hitfix reports that, as suspected, this is just a false rumor. There is no Toy Story 4... yet.

EARLIER: It’s very hard for any studio to say goodbye to a franchise that has earned close to $2 billion in worldwide ticket sales, and so even though Toy Story 3 delivered the picture-perfect ending to the staggeringly emotional trilogy, there’s buzz on the Web that a fourth Toy Story movie might be moving forward and could even be in theaters by 2015.

Treat all of this as a rumor until we hear from Pixar or Disney, directly. For now, though, Bleeding Cool cites the Colombian news site Terra that a new Toy Story feature is moving forward with the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack – at the very least – returning to voice their iconic characters. 

Pixar has said that Woody and Buzz wouldn’t retire any time soon, and that their adventures would continue in short films that we’ve already seen ahead of Pixar movies, from Hawaiian Vacation to Partysaurus Rex. But I though that the studio was going to stay away from producing full-length Toy Story movies from here on out. And they served up such an amazing ending to Andy’s story with his beloved toys in the third movie that I’m not sure I want to see them try to continue the story (though rumors of a new trilogy centered around Bonnie, the girl who inherits Andy’s cherished toys). 

But for now, the wheels of a fourth Toy Story movie might be turning. How do you feel about that? Would you rather see Pixar turn their attentions to original stories? Or can Toy Story have as many sequels as possible without diluting the brand? Share your thoughts below.  

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