'Top Gun 3D IMAX' Trailer Teases the Need for Speed

I feel the need … the need for 3D!

Forgive my hasty rewrite of Tom Cruise’s famous line from Top Gun, but I’m helping fans of Tony Scott’s testosterone soap opera get excited for the February re-release in IMAX 3D. Maverick (Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) will roar off the screen in larger-than-life fashion as Paramount works to upgrade the 1986 action, bro-mance classic for a modern audience.  
Scott’s movie, of course, follows the Navy’s best and brightest pilots as they compete at an elite training facility … and play beach volleyball. Heck, Top Gun is worth seeing in theaters just to hear the film’s mint soundtrack souped up and piped through modern speakers. Kenny Loggins? Berlin? The Righteous Brothers? Righteous, indeed.
But as Hollywood tinkers with old films (like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Titanic) to present them in 3D and IMAX, it’s interesting to track the progress of the technology to see how classic films can be improved. The flight sequences in Top Gun lend themselves to 3D upgrades. And since Scott passed away before he and Cruise could advance a planned Top Gun sequel, this will be your only chance to see Maverick on the big screen again. 
Yahoo Movies shared a new trailer to tease the film’s release on Feb. 8. Be sure to get your tickets here, and enjoy the new trailer!

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