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'Top Cat' is Coming Back to Theaters? Watch the Latest Trailer

Top Cat didn’t air on television for a very long time (1961-62, for two short-lived seasons), but the character’s impact was large enough that he’s ready to make a comeback in 2013.
Alberto Mar is directing a feature-length animated take on Top Cat, which reaches theaters on Aug. 2 (after screening in international markets as far back as 2011). Jason Harris will provide the voice of Top Cat – as well as several other characters, including Choo Choo and Brain. The homegrown effort released a trailer, which we’re sharing with you below:

I remember Top Cat, but I’m older. My kids have no idea who the character is, so this might be an interesting gateway into a classic television series … which we’d then have to track down via Netflix or on Amazon to catch up on old episodes of Top Cat catches on. 
For now, you can look for Top Cat: The Movie in theaters later this year, piggybacking on the success of fellow nostalgia efforts like The Smurfs
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