Top 10 CULT CULT Classics from the '80s

In deference to the following cool blog I saw on DiggIt, and after having just seen the original Beverly Hills Cop at Los Angeles' Arclight theater last night (the best thing in L.A. for an '80s movie fan is that, in the past month, you could see Caddyshack, The Untouchables, All the Right Moves and the aforementioned Cop on the big screen, all in less than a 10 mile radius. Thank the Movie Gods for the Arclight Cinemas and the American Cinematheque)...

Anyway, about '80s movies (which, if you can't tell already from some of my blog posts, is my favorite decade in all of cinemadom, and of course, makes perfect sense since I was of that all-impressionable age of 7 - 17), I liked this list that was compiled by hecklerspray, and have been inspired to compile my own list which -- a little different from theirs (based on the awesome genre known as "fantasy adventure," although guys, what about The Neverending Story?) -- has nothing to do with genre, but is rather a list of my all-time favorite cult CULT movies of the 1980s...meaning, you most likely haven't seen most of them, but if you have seen them, you love them and they are indelibly imprinted on your brain never to be forgotten ever, ever again.

So pull out the top-loading VCR from storage, grab your local video store card (some stores still have tapes, and they may have to in order to rent some of these should-be classics, which haven't quite made it to DVD, let alone Blu-ray), and kneel before the almighty altar that is '80s cinema...onto the list...
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