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Time for... Peeta vs. Gale!

Time for... Peeta vs. Gale!

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob who?  Katniss Everdeen may be unfortunate enough to have been shipped off to the 74th Hunger Games, but she’s got two eligible bachelors chasing after her, making her one lucky girl with a tough decision on her hands. One minute Gale’s being all manly and taking care of her family while she’s away, but then Peeta gives her those puppy-dog eyes and kills a rival. How can she possibly choose between the two? We break it down.

THE BASICS (As of Catching Fire)




  • Age: 16
  • Home: Victor’s Village
  • Occupation: Baker
  • Weapons of Choice:
  • Weights, Camouflage, Knives


  • Age: 19
  • Home: The Seam
  • Occupation: Coal Miner
  • Weapons of Choice: Snares,
  • Bow and Arrow



Peeta: Peeta fell for Katniss the moment he heard her sing in music class. Ever since, he’s kept his feelings secret, but when Katniss’ family desperately needed food, Peeta was the only one to help her out with some bread from his family’s bakery.

Gale: Katniss and Gale came together through their need (and love) of hunting in the woods beyond District 12. They’ve been best friends for years and are practically family.



Peeta: On the short side, blond, square-jawed and wearing the Capitol’s finest…

Gale: Scruffy and rugged, dark hair, blue eyes


But can they cook?

Peeta: He’s a master in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to decorating cakes.

Gale: If you’ve got a taste for wild game, Gale’s your man. Like Katniss, he’s an expert hunter, using snares and a bow and arrow to bring home big hauls.


Playing defense

Peeta: He hides like no other – by literally painting himself into the terrain.

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Gale: Gale takes it like a man. 


Love and affection

Peeta: When in front of a camera, he’s got no trouble professing his love for Katniss to the entire country, however, when they’re one-on-one, he opts for more subtle displays of affection. Selfless and warm where she is tough, they have a balanced relationship.

Gale: After missing out on making a move before Katniss was reaped for the 74th Hunger Games, Gale opts for the sneak attack during their first hunting trip alone after the Games.


Future in-laws

Peeta: The Mellarks aren’t necessarily the family you’d want to marry into. His father is kind, but Peeta’s mother smacks Peeta around when he performs poorly at the family bakery.

Gale: Katniss already has one foot in the door with the Hawthornes. After both Katniss and Gale’s fathers perished in the mining accident, it was up to them to support both families. 


Reel Life: Josh vs. Liam

Peeta: Like Peeta, Josh Hutcherson is a big-screen charmer. Even though Peeta’s quick wit and lovable personality can work an audience, Hutcherson stands out during the character’s quieter moments when he conveys Peeta’s feeling through looks alone.

Gale: Gale got far less screen time in The Hunger Games than Peeta, but we see him more in Catching Fire. Gale’s driven by a fervent passion and hatred that peaks in the second installment, so we’ll see if Hemsworth can give Gale a few more layers.


You decide who wins, but meantime here's what life in the Mellark household might look like. (via

Which team are you on? Neither? Finnick's?

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