'Thor' Sequel Hammers IMAX Screens One Week Early

Was Iron Man 3 a fluke? Did Shane Black’s billion-dollar blockbuster benefit from being the first Marvel movie to reach theaters after Joss Whedon’s mighty The Avengers? Did it also benefit from being the first movie of the summer season, ready to cater to a special effects crowd? Or will Marvel simply soar past the $1 billion global mark every time it puts out a new superhero adventure because its fan base is massive and eager to pay for whatever the studio cranks out?  
We’ll find out when the studio’s next film Thor: The Dark World hits theaters in the fall. And now we know we’ll find out one week earlier than expected.  
IMAX Corporation and Marvel Entertainment today announced that Marvel’s Thor sequel will be digitally remastered into the IMAX 3D format and released into IMAX 3D theaters internationally beginning October 30. That’s one full week before the movie was supposed to open on November 8.  
“Like all the dynamic Marvel characters, Thor has developed a massive global following, and we look forward to moviegoers experiencing this highly anticipated next chapter in IMAX 3D,” said Greg Foster, CEO of IMAX Entertainment and senior executive vice president, IMAX Corp. “We’re excited to continue to build on our flourishing partnership with Marvel and Disney with this iconic property.”
“All the nine realms will be stunningly displayed when Thor: The Dark World arrives in IMAX 3D,” said Dave Hollis, executive vice president, Theatrical Exhibition Sales and Distribution, the Walt Disney Studios. “We continue to have great success with IMAX and are thrilled to once again work with them to bring the Marvel Universe to life in this premium format.”
The fact that Thor will reach theaters early is a surprise, especially given the fact that stories are breaking that the rumored reshoots surrounding the production are to add more scenes with Tom Hiddleston’s crowd-pleasing villain Loki. How much time will director Alan Taylor have in the editing suite now that his window to deliver the film to theaters is shrinking?  
If you haven’t yet, read part one of our visit to the London set of Thor: The Dark World. As for now, the Marvel sequel will hit standard theaters November 8.




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