This Week on DVD/BD: 'Super 8, 'Conan the Barbarian.' Plus: Win Signed 'Conan' Stuff!

Super 8 J.J. Abrams directs this homage to Steven Spielberg, about some middle-school kids in 1979 filming a Super 8 zombie romance that gets derailed--literally--when a train runs off the tracks. In the ensuing catastrophic crash, something mysterious escapes the train. Suddenly dogs and people like the sheriff start disappearing, the military gets involved and internment camps are set up. What, exactly, is going on here?

Add to the mix the kids' personal problems (one's mother left her with dad, now the town drunk; the main character's mom dies in a steel mill accident), a young-love story and some 1970s nostalgia (fun soundtrack, played on kids' Walkmans), and you have a solidly entertaining movie on your hands. Extras: The BD has J.J. Abrams commentary and eight featurettes including "The Dream Behind Super 8," "The Visitor Lives," "The 8mm Revolution" and "Do You Believe in Magic?" plus a look at creating the massive train crash and deleted scenes. The DVD has only the film plus digital copy.

Conan the Barbarian
Enh, forget what the snooty critics say--for a damn good and bloody time, look no further than Marcus Nispel's take on the Conan story starring "Game of Thrones"'s Jason Momoa as the loincloth-wearing, sword-swinging He-man. Conan, you see, is out to avenge his father's death, a plan that involves a warrior monk Tamara (Rachel Nichols) and the snarling witch Marique (Rose McGowan), who camps it up while tottering around in high heels and strange makeup. The visuals are terrific and if you don't mind a few too many fight scenes and a pretty rote storyline, it makes a fine fantasy indeed. Extras: Two audio commentaries, a history of the Conan franchise featurette, "The Man Who Would Be Conan: Robert E. Howard" featurette that looks at the creator of the famous character plus two additional featurettes that examine the action and fight scenes (DVD/BD).

Now for the good stuff! Enter to win the following:

(1) Grand Prize = 1 Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack + 1 "Conan The Phenomenon" Book + 1 Signed Poster (Signed by Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan) + 1 Conan T-Shirt
(4) 4 Runners Up = Blu-ray 3D Combo Packs + Conan T-Shirts (1 each)

All you need to do is comment below and tell us, who did Conan better - Jason Momoa or Arnold Schwarzenegger, and why? Winners will be chosen at random by next Tuesday, Nov. 29, and notified via email/Facebook message.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Jessica Alba leads the cast as a top secret agent who comes out of retirement to save the world from the evil Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven). Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara), along with their fancy schmancy spy gadgets, are along to help. Extras: Director Robert Rodriguez interview, a featurette, "Spy Gadgets" clip, deleted scenes (DVD/BD). Along with this release, a box set of the previous three films in the series was released last week.

The Devil's Double Dominic Cooper plays dual roles as Saddam Hussein's lunatic younger son Uday and Uday's body double, Yahia, who is forced to stand idly by while Uday downs booze and drugs faster than Amy Winehouse, trolls for middle-school girls and tortures the innocent like a kid having fun on a playground. Lee Tamahori directs this (rather lasciviously) brutal film with a laudable performance by its star. Extras: "True Crime Family," "Double Down with Dominic Cooper," an interview with the real Yahia and director commentary (DVD/BD)

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