'This Is the End' Roundup: NC-17 Rating, Franco's Mural and Danny McBride Did What to the Peanut Butter?!

This Is the End gets a jump on the Man of Steel this weekend by opening today. The apocalyptic comedy posted a strong $2.2 million start at advanced screenings Tuesday night and is well on its way to a solid opening weekend. So whether you're waiting at your local theater for the film to start or just looking for more zany content, here are a few This Is the End tidbits to help pass the time.

VH1 compiled a gallery of celebrities that might survive the apocalypse. Rebel Wilson, Shaliene Woodely, Ryan Gosling, Zoe Saldana and, of course, Dwayne Johnson are among the famous faces that would pull through the end of days. Find out who the rest are!


Not only is This Is the End arriving in theaters today, but today also marks the finale for Real World: Portland. Both productions involve groups of people stuck living together under one roof. Members from both casts joined together for a bit of cross-promotion.

Check out The Real World: This Is the End Edition, but be warned it's very NSFW due to language, Danny McBride and peanut butter.


If the trailers for This Is the End have been any indication, the movie is packed with lots of profanity and liberal drug use. What we haven't seen or heard are the sex scenes in the film that Goldberg thought would land the film an NC-17 rating.

Speaking with the L.A. Times, Rogen and Goldberg intentionally threw in sexually explicit scenes that they felt would shock the MPAA and land the film an NC-17. The plan was to then trim back some of the explicit scenes and resubmit a cleaner version to land an R rating. But even with the raunchy material, the film got an R rating, a decision that stunned Rogen and Goldberg.

Goldberg commented, "The whole ratings system in America doesn't make any sense. They let you get away with sex and violence. In this movie, they let us get away with a bunch of erections. As long as it's a demon, you can have an erection."

As part of the promotional blitz for the film, Rogen and Goldberg commissioned James Franco to paint a mural in L.A. to celebrate the release of the film. Check out the footage below courtesy of MovieFanatic.

Finally, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson sat down for to chat about who throws the best parties and how they decided who to kill off first in the movie.


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