These Wax Sculptures of Your Favorite Movie Characters Will Freak You Out

There's something so incredibly impressive about an artist who can capture the likeness of something with hyperrealistic detail, which is why we never tire of seeing artworks featuring lifelike renditions of our favorite Hollywood stars. 



Artist Bobby Causey does just that. His wax sculptures are to die for. From their human gazes, to the makeup, to the mind-blowing detail, Causey has re-created life-size copies of actors like The Shining's Jack Nicholson, Hellboy's Ron Perlman and The Dark Knight's Heath Ledger.


Design Taxi introduced us to the artist. Causey's website is a treasure trove of badass work we could get lost in for hours. If we saw these wax figures in the real world, we could easily mistake them for the real thing. Causey says he uses “unorthodox techniques” while creating his works (mystery!). Regardless of whatever that means, we're just excited they exist.









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