'The Wolf of Wall Street' Hits Home; Watch Leo in an Exclusive Clip from the Extras

The Wolf of Wall Street  The powerhouse team of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio burn up the screen with this scorchingly funny, vulgar dramedy based on the memoirs of a real-life stockbroker who rocketed to success in the '80s. Jordan Belfort started out dealing in penny stocks and as a Wall Street newbie, gains valuable advice from his mentor (Matthew McConaughey, brilliant) on such important things as money, masturbation and cocaine; it isn't long before Jordan's living the high life (literally) as a stock market star, defrauding investors and laundering money in between debauched parties involving hookers and drugs (day and night, at the firm or aboard his yacht, anything goes).

The movie makes the most of its solid three-hour run time and depending on how you feel about watching reprehensible people doing reprehensible things--over and over--can either feel like you're at the party or wishing it might end a little sooner. But DiCaprio kills it as Belfort, giving the role a sleazy charm with charisma to spare; the supporting players are all terrific, including Jonah Hill as Belfort's despicable acolyte. Ultimately this is Scorsese's movie, with all the bells and whistles you expect from the master of cinematic technique: the sly hilarity, in-jokes, swirling shots and crackling pace--and it's easily his best in years. Extras: Nothing on the DVD. The Blu-ray has the cast, director and crew discussing making the film and Belfort's rise to success, that's it.

Check out Oscar-nominated DiCaprio discussing his Oscar-winning costar McConaughey's performance in this exclusive clip.

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