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The Summer of Chris Hemsworth

One thing I love about movies is how it brings families together. This summer’s sensation The Avengers is even striking a special bond between mothers and teen daughters. Mainly, they only need one Avenger: Thor.

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t need CGI to be believable as a Norse god; his abs of steel are the real deal. If the hot factor isn’t enough, the 28-year-old is a brand-new dad…and his wife is 35. Sure, she’s only seven years older, but that’s enough to make older women everywhere feel like they could have had a shot.

Luckily, there’s plenty of Hemsworth to go around. In addition to April’s Cabin in the Woods, the Australian star trades in his hammer for an ax in this weekend’s Snow White and the Huntsman. Hemsworth plays the evil queen’s right hand man who becomes a mentor to the princess he’s supposed to slay; being nurturing and fatherly yet also tough only make him more attractive, am I right? If you’re not sure, ask your daughter.

In addition to Snow White and the Huntsman and The Avengers, here are three other films to see with your family.

 Battlefield America. A California businessman "steps up" to be a Big Brother type to a crew of street kids who want to dance in a competition.




 Men in Black III. Agent J must travel back to 1969 to once again save Earth from a rogue alien. Moviegoers can expect the same kind of fun, visually surprising entertainment as the first two films. Also consistent: extraterrestrials that are more bizarre and grotesque than scary. What’s new: Agent J’s foul mouth.



 Battleship. The Navy battles an unfriendly alien attack in an over-the-top spectacle which must be the year’s loudest movie. The audience leaves the theater remembering Pearl Harbor, the Hasbro board game and the phrase “mouth like a sailor.”



To see what kids think about these movies, go to , where all kids are movie critics.



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