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The Perfect Father's Day Movies to Watch with Kids

What can you do with your kids over Father's Day weekend? Play some mini golf, toss the ball around, read together, game it out on the Xbox. All fun, bonding activities, but what about doing something with a little emotion in it, a little heart, something that will make your hearts soar and appreciate each other just a little more? One of the easiest ways to get that is movie watching.

There's something about seeing a movie with your dad that is really special. For me, I distinctly remember my dad taking me to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off – I didn't just love the film, I loved seeing it with him. My husband says when he was 13, his dad took him to see Bachelor Party – as they walked out of the theater his dad said, “I guess we'll never tell your mother about that one.”

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Well, bonding moment, yes. But let's clarify – it's not just seeing a movie together, it's seeing the right movie together. I imagine plenty of dads will be seeing 22 Jump Street with their kids this weekend. While it is hilarious, I strongly encourage dads to respect the R rating on this one. How to Train Your Dragon 2, though, I think will hit the mark for most. My three-year-old is fascinated with dragons, and both my 13-year-old and 19-year-old were young enough when the first film came out to be excited for the new one. It literally appeals to anyone who might be called “kid,” especially because Hiccup, Astrid and the gang all aged five years since the first film, just like the audience. They're now dealing with problems like taking over the family business, balancing high-reaching ideals against realities, and becoming a leader. And Hiccup's dad is still trying to connect with his son. It would be a spoiler to tell you more, but just know How to Train Your Dragon 2 honors dads in a way that'll make fathers proud.

Here are three other movies to see with your family this weekend:

Million Dollar Arm: Another great Father's Day movie, Jon Hamm becomes a de facto dad to the 18-year-olds he recruits to train for Major League Baseball, and they change his outlook on life.

The Fault in Our Stars: Not just some chick flick, teen boys are just as on board to see this story about the romance of two teen cancer patients, because Augustus Waters is just the kind of guy to bro down with.

Edge of Tomorrow: Trust me and the majority of movie critics out there – this sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise stuck in a deadly time loop will keep you on the edge of your seat. Emily Blunt plays the poster girl for smart, tough and capable. It's a great choice to see with teens.  
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