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The Oscars Are Over! What Did You Think?

That's it! The Oscars are over! Now that the 82nd Academy Awards are over, it's time to spend days (weeks? months?) analyzing each and every second until, say, about this time next year? Whaddya think? There were some pretty big changes heading into this years Oscars ceremony, but in the end things didn't really feel all that different.

Longer, yes. But different? Eh. You know it's a tame year when the biggest Oscar snubs come from the screenplay categories. Obviously The Hurt Locker was the big winner of the night (taking home Best Picture and Best Director Oscars, among many others), and, unfortunately, I feel like Inglourious Basterds was the biggest loser of the night (it's the one film that really did deserve to win more awards).

What about the rest? Did the double host set up work out? Was Avatar snubbed? Were there enough musical numbers? Who had the best speech (ahem, Sandra Bullock)? And who was that woman who pulled a total Kanye "Imma let you finish" West move on that dude accepting the award for Best Short Form Documentary? Those are just some of the questions we want you to answer in the comments section; meanwhile, here are some of my Best and Worst moments…

Funniest Moment: Martin and Baldwin's Paranormal Activity Speech or Ben Stiller as a Na'vi from Avatar.
Greatest Oscar Eyewear: Toss up between Forest Whitaker's giant black frames and Robert Downey Jr.'s cool blue shades.
The "Holy Cow, She Doesn't Age!" Award goes to Michelle Pfeiffer! Holy cow, she doesn't age!
Best "Aww" Moment: Toss up between Jeff Bridges tearing up when Michelle Pfeiffer introduced his nomination for Best Actor, and Gabourey Sibide tearing up when Oprah introduced her nomination for Best Actress.
Worst New Oscar Rule: The Academy's "no thank yous" rule during the acceptance speeches wasn't respected, like, at all.
Worst On-Stage Mistake: Sam Worthington chewing gum. Bad form, dude.
Greatest (and Strangest) Oscar Stat of All Time: Sandra Bullock won the Razzie Award for Worst Actress (in All About Steve) - which she good-naturedly showed up to accept - 24 hours before she won the Oscar for Best Actress (in The Blind Side) … and I can keep going, but let me stop there to turn it over to you, dear readers.

What were some of your favorite Oscar moments from this year? Did The Hurt Locker deserve Best Picture? Did Kathryn Bigelow deserve Best Director? In your opinion, what was the biggest surprise and snub of the night, and best and worst moments?

Sound off in our polls & the comments below...

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