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The Monsters We Want to See in 'Pacific Rim 2'

This week, we’re about to see why Pacific Rim is a big deal.

Director Guillermo del Toro’s much-anticipated film pits skyscraper-sized monsters against giant robots. The rocket-powered punches and claws fly as the combatants turn cities like Tokyo into fight night at Caesar’s Palace.

With a sequel reportedly already in the planning stages, we put on our thinking caps to come up with a list of 10 movie monsters we’d love to see the Jaegers battle with next.

1. Godzilla

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. made Pacific Rim. They’re also making the current Godzilla reboot. That sound you hear is fanboys praying to the movie gods to make this crossover happen.

2. King Kong

Del Toro is a big fan of the number one cause of death for old-timey biplanes. Realistically, Universal probably won’t lease Warner Bros. the rights to the big ape, but given del Toro’s ties with Universal, maybe the studiow will make an exception. A nerd can dream…

3. Cloverfield

In 2008, Team Bad Robot set out to deliver the American equivalent of Godzilla in this found-footage monster movie. With Cloverfield sequel talks seemingly stalled, maybe the monster could stage a comeback in Rim 2 as one of the Jaegers’ sparring partners?

4. The Leviathan from The Avengers

Hulk smashing this giant, armored space eel infecting New York is just one of the hit movie’s many highlights. We’d love to see Rim’s robot jocks slug it out in the most expensive fan fiction ever.

5. Mothra

In Pacific Rim, our heroes battle several creatures, both winged and tentacled, that take a page or two from the Godzilla movies. Again, del Toro is a big fan of the kaiju pater familias, so it’s not asking much for Rim 2 to deliver their version of Mothra, Godzilla’s most infamous opponent.

6. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Okay, while technically not a monster, one look at this 30-foot sailor from Ghostbusters and you know he’s a scrapper. And he did step on that church, so Stay Puft’s long overdue for a proper kick-punching.

7. The Mantis Things from The Mist

We only get a glimpse of these things, but they’re definitely of the “don’t f**k with” variety. Unless you’re strapped into a Jaeger suit.

8. Jurassic Park’s T. rex

Jeff Goldblum and a lawyer on a toilet are no match for Jurassic Park’s resident badass. The sight of this thing trying to throw a punch is worth the price of admission alone.

9. Gwoemul from The Host

The epic beast from this 2008 South Korean import looks like it would fit right at home in a del Toro-fueled monsterocalypse. We’re surprised the guy didn’t come up with it.

10. The Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean

This mythical beast reared its seriously unamused head in the original Clash of the Titans, and later received a digital upgrade for its appearance in the Pirates sequel, Dead Man’s Chest. Kraks deserves a movie where he can (ahem, pun so intended) unleash some fisticuffs. Lock him for a two-picture deal now, Warner Bros.


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