The Griswolds? The Skywalkers? The Cullens? Which Is Your Favorite Movie Family?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time when we make a point to spend time with our families -- and for some of us, that means put up with our families. But hey, it could be worse. You're not a member of the Sawyer clan from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. 

But have you ever dreamed of having a better family, like one you saw on the big screen? Do you wish you grew up with Clark and Ellen Griswold as your parents? Would you have liked to have been born into the Parr clan from The Incredibles, especially since you'd likely have superpowers? Any fantasies of being adopted by the Tenenbaums, the Corleones, the Cullens or the Klumps? Or kidnap-adopted by the McDunnoughs? 

Your favorite movie family doesn't have to be one you'd like to live with, of course. Some of the greats that might be a tad too complicated for comfort include the Skywalkers, the McFlys, the McAllisters, the Grapes and definitely the clans from Pink Flamingos, Dogtooth and Arsenic and Old Lace. It's hard to tell if joining up with the Huff-Doback family from Step Brothers would be the best or worst thing to ever happen to you (maybe both), but they are one of the most hilarious groups ever seen.   

Some other enjoyable families in the movies, whether we'd want to celebrate the holidays with them or not, include the Buckmans (Parenthood), the Browns (Buffalo '66), the Parkers (A Christmas Story), the Bankses (Father of the Bride), the Allgoods (The Kids Are All Right), the Sycamore-Vanderhof-Carmichael bunch in You Can't Take It with You and the clan from Woody Allen's Radio Days

Have we mentioned your pick for the best movie family? If not, let us know your favorite below. 

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