The Golden Compass Controversy

Besides Hannah Montana 3D, there's another movie event happening this weekend. Here's more from Lizerne Guiting:

Curious to see what the hubbub is, or are you a fan of The Golden Compass fantasy trilogy? Get a first look with this Saturday’s sneak previews happening in select areas.

It’s no secret that the movie, based on outspoken atheist Philip Pullman’s first tome in the series (starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and newbie Dakota Blue Richards in a cross-dimensional journey with polar bear warriors, daemons and a gadget that can tell if you’re lying—uh-oh) is garnering a lot of attention, accused of promoting anti-Church themes by religious groups calling for boycotts of the film.


People are even fired up on our user review boards, where there’s a heated back-and-forth going on (check them all out here). One user titled a review, "The Golden Compass of Poison." So far, it's a neck-and-neck race between "Oh No!" and "Must Go!" ratings.

We'll have to see what the reviews look like after this weekend's sneaks, when more people have actually seen the movie. Happy watching…or boycotting?
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