The Five: Scariest Movie Aliens

We’ve always had a thing for big-screen aliens. From the small, creepy crawlers to huge otherworldly beings, when Hollywood throws us a flick with aliens, we usually run (not walk) to the movie theater. And if those aliens are popular, then get ready for sequels … lots of them. The alien hitting theaters this weekend is used to sequels (it’s currently on its fifth film), but according to critics this might be its best installment yet.

Yes, I’m talking about Predators. The Predator alien has always been a fan favorite – partly because of its cool costume and radical weapons, but also because of its mysterious mythology. The new film promises to explore that mythology even more by setting it on the alien’s home planet, and bringing the franchise back full circle by putting its characters in another jungle setting. With Predators looking to scare us silly in theaters this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite scary big-screen aliens.
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But first: What constitutes a scary alien? Well, for starters, it needs to look scary, dangerous and weird. Some sort of slime oozing from a body part is also a good creep indicator, as well as how said alien goes about killing or destroying its enemies. Does it simply shoot a gun, or does it eat its victims? Mmm … now that I’ve sufficiently creeped myself out, here are five movie aliens I wouldn’t exactly invite over for dinner and coffee … 
1. Alien (from Alien) – Obviously this one belongs at the top. Probably the creepiest movie alien of all time, the Alien from the Alien franchise is ugly, scary, gooey and all sorts of awesome. She’s fast and sneaky – and while you won’t see her coming, you’ll definitely feel her tearing you to shreds. Oh, and if you somehow survive her wrath, you may wake up one day with a surprise in your tummy.

2. Giant Bugs (Starship Troopers) – While, technically, these creatures aren’t aliens (because we humans fight them on their home planet, not ours), they still need to be included because, well, they’re horrifying as all hell. Imagine giant speedy spider-things that kill you by either stomping, impaling or eating you. Yum.

3. The Blob (The Blob) – Yuck, what’s worse than a giant, gooey blob that devours everything in its path as it grows larger and larger? Grosser than my stomach feels after scarfing down a fast-food meal? I’d say … plus, who wants to be eaten by a giant blob? Kind of an embarrassing way to go, eh?

4. Predator (Predator) – Perhaps the most “together” of all our creepy aliens, Mr. Predator makes the list because a) he’s awesome, and b) his blood glows in the dark. While he’s more of a weapon-wielder, Predator is also fond of gutting his victims and then hanging them from trees. If you don’t think that’s a revolting enough trait, then you make an appointment with a therapist right away.

5. The Thing (The Thing) – Next to Alien, The Thing from The Thing is probably the second creepiest alien of all time. Not only can it adapt to look like anyone, but it can also turn into a giant spider or a nasty-looking batch of tooth-filled flesh. Can anyone recommend a good dentist who doesn’t mind losing his (or her) life in some horrific way?

Now tell us: What’s your favorite creepy alien of all time?
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