The Five: Happy Pi Day! Our Five Favorite Pi(e) Films

Happy Pi Day! It's that once-a-year occasion when the calendar aligns with the first three digits of the mathematical number and allows us to look back on pi (and pie) movies of all kinds.


No numerical run-ons here, just lots of creative and delicious-looking pies. This Indie Spirit Award winner stars Keri Russell as a pregnant, unhappily married waitress in the deep South who concocts various pies based on her emotions. If you're interested in baking one of them up, here are a few recipes.

The Help

Who could forget Minny's "Chocolate" Pie filled with a "special ingredient" from this Oscar-winning drama? Here's a highlight featuring a slice of pie you definitely don't want to eat. There are a few s-bombs in this uncensored clip starring award-winner Octavia Spencer.


American Pie

Speaking of pies you definitely don't want to eat, you're probably not going to want to cut a slice from any pie that Jim Levenstein has been near. Here's the scene that launched an entire franchise of sequels and direct-to-DVD spin-offs.

Life of Pi

Let's switch gears from desserts to, well, an actual person. Still in theaters, Ang Lee's Oscar-winning drama follows a young man named Pi who is set adrift in the Pacific Ocean after a cargo ship transporting him, his family and their zoo animals to Canada sinks. What unfolds is an epic tale of his survival as he floats across the ocean with a fearsome Bengal tiger named Richard Parker as his boat-mate.


Finally, let's bring it back to the number itself. Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi thriller follows a paranoid mathematician trying to unlock the universal patterns found in nature. Marking Aronofsky's feature film directorial debut, the film won a number of awards including an Indie Spirit for his screenplay and the directing award at Sundance. Relive the movie below with the official trailer.

There are certainly other pie moments in movies like the chat between Alabama and Clarence in True Romance, the disgusting vomit scene from the pie eating contest in Stand by Me, the pie song in Sweeney Todd and "the great pie fight" in Blazing Saddles.

But we'll leave you with a clip from a different pie fight. As an honorable mention, here's without question one of the longest ever staged for cinema in The Great Race.

Did we miss any? What your favorite movie pie moment?

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