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The Five: Guys Who Could Play the New Superman

The biggest news of the week obviously revolves around the next Superman movie, which just landed Zack Snyder as its director. Warner Bros. is itching to get started on the film as soon as possible in order to make a winter 2012 release date, and so we should expect the first wave of casting to begin within the next month or so. Naturally the million-dollar question revolves around who they’ll actually get to play the new Man of Steel. Snyder already revealed that Brandon Routh won’t be returning, so if that’s the case, who will it be?

Based on what we think we know about the story so far, this Superman movie will pick up with Clark Kent traveling the globe as a journalist, contemplating whether or not to continue the whole Superman thing. With that in mind, our new Superman will probably be a bit older (early 30s), so here are five guys that just might fit the bill.
Channing Tatum1.       Channing Tatum (age 30) – While he’d have to work on his awkward Clark Kent routine, Tatum definitely has the looks and acting chops to play a believable Superman. That, plus I’m sure the ladies wouldn’t mind this guy swooping down to save them from a burning building.
2.       John Krasinski (age 31) – One of the finalists to play Captain America, Krasinski brings that boy-next-door charm to the role. He can do a pretty convincing awkward, down-to-earth type (as evidenced by his work on The Office), though he may need a little work in the strong, brave hero department.
Nathan Fillion3.       Nathan Fillion (39) – If he doesn’t take on a role in the Marvel universe (which is very likely considering his pal Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers), perhaps DC can convince fan favorite Nathan Fillion to don the red and blue tights.
4.       Jon Hamm (39) – One of the oldest on the list, Hamm has already found his name being passed around in Superman wishlist circles, though it always comes with the caveat that he’s a little old for the part. Even so, the guy oozes Superman coolness, and could easily play the part assuming they were looking for a weathered Clark Kent who’s been there and done that for too long.
Zachary Levi5.       Zachary Levi (30) – Also rumored to be up for the role (even though he confirmed to yours truly at Comic-Con that he’s never been approached or auditioned for the part), you know Levi from the TV show Chuck where he brilliantly blends awkward nerd-type with cool secret agent. If given the shot, he could just be the perfect Superman. Let’s see if movie bosses are listening …
Do you like any of the guys above for Superman, or do you have your own picks? Sound off below …



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