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The Five: Greatest Geeks Who Kick Ass

'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'This weekend’s release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World finds Michael Cera in the role of Scott Pilgrim, a hipster-ish slacker from Toronto who falls in love with the mysterious Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and then must defeat her seven evil ex's in order to truly win her heart (or so he thinks). Mixing multiple pop culture and video game references, the hyper-stylized, coming-of-age film set inside the world of various video games all mashed together is definitely one you don’t want to miss – if only to watch lanky quip hero Michael Cera transform into a badass action hero right before your very own eyes.

But Scott Pilgrim isn’t the first geek to get down and dirty with flying fists and epic weapons. Here are five of the greatest big-screen geeks who also kicked a good amount of ass…
George McFly1.       George McFly – This sci-fi nut was perfectly content eating lunch by himself while burying his head in whatever sci-fi novel he was using to transport his brain away from the real-world bullying of one Biff Tannen and off to some far-away planet. Things change, however, when George’s son Marty (posing as a dude named Calvin Klein) arrives from the future on a mission to get his geeky father together with his out-to-lunch mother. George doesn’t get his badass on until near the end of the film, but when he does the guy delivers one of the greatest punches in cinematic history.
2.       Peter Parker – He was just an ordinary geek from Queens, NY who kinda-sorta had the hots for his neighbor (and friend) Mary Jane Watson, but when an accident with a spider left Peter Parker with superhuman powers and spider-like abilities, this wimpy pushover turned into one of the most iconic badasses of all time: Spider-Man.
Indiana Jones3.       Indiana Jones – Easy on the eyes, sure, but when he’s not off on some daring adventure – shooting or whipping bad guys while rescuing the damsel in distress – Indiana Jones is just a plain old dorky professor who lectures bored students on ancient artifacts and legends (yawn), and holds office hours for all the kids who want to complain about their grades.
4.       Egon Spengler – Let’s face it: You could probably say that all the Ghostbusters are geeky in their own little ways (except maybe Winston), but if you had to pick one who stood out as a little geekier than the rest, it’d be Egon Spengler (played by Harold Ramis). Egon’s the brains of the operation – and while you’ll barely ever understand a word he’s saying (because he speaks in technical jargon), the guy definitely knows how to hunt (and subsequently capture) some dangerous, disgusting ghosts, ghouls and goblins.
Harry Potter5.       Harry Potter – One look at little Harry Potter – with his cutesy haircut, innocent boy-ish smile and goofy glasses – and you’d think the kid was destined to become the world’s most boring math tutor. But give him a wand and teach him a little wizardry, and – poof! – you have one of the most famous boy wizards in movie history; one who’s fully capable of doing battle against even the most evil of all baddies, Lord Voldemort.
We’ve only listed five, but there’s so many more to choose from. Which movie geek would you bring along as protection next time you decide to walk down a dangerous dark alley? Sound off below!
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