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The Five: Golden Globe Locks

Did you know the Golden Globes were this Sunday? The first major awards show of the season is inching closer, and while tons of people are predicting this and that, you probably want to know who’s definitely going to win. Which films, actors and actresses are automatic locks to take home one of those fancy Globes? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because when I’m not saving the world one movie news story at a time, I’m predicting awards show winners. Thus, my five locks for this Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony are …

I’m also predicting The Social Network to win Best Picture (Drama), though it’s not as much of a lock as Fincher is for Best Director. I say this because even if the Hollywood Foreign Press pulls a fast one and gives The King’s Speech Best Picture honors, they’ll want to reserve something special for The Social Network, and they’ll do so by giving Fincher the award. Plus he deserves it!
Best Actor (Drama) – Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
He’s been the favorite from very early on, and truthfully no other actor delivered the type of nuanced performance that Firth pulled off in The King’s Speech.
Black SwanBest Actress (Drama) – Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Betting against Natalie Portman would be like betting against the Yankees if they were playing a group of fourth grade little leaguers. Seriously, the girl dominates this film from start to finish, unloading one of the most engrossing performances we’ve seen in years.
Best Supporting Actor – Christian Bale, The Fighter
It’s not so much an overpowering performance that Bale gives in The Fighter, but man is it fun to watch the guy completely transform (physically and spiritually) into this real-life drug addict trying desperately to get back on the right path and guide his little brother to greatness. He’s been a lock to win this category for a couple months now, and that’s still the case today.
Best Adapted Screenplay – Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network
No other adapted screenplay in 2010 was as sharp, witty and addictive as Aaron Sorkin’s take on the whole Facebook story in The Social Network. The dialogue is tremendous, and right from minute one this script grabs your hand and pulls you at light-speed through a story with more ups and downs than an amusement park.
So those are my five Golden Globes locks. What are yours?

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