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The Five: Films You Need to See in November

Now that we're done with October and all its freakish horror movies, it's time to take one step closer to the busy holiday season with a month full of buzzed-about awards-caliber flicks, fun family-friendly comedies, at least one creepy alien invasion movie and, well, who can forget Harry Potter and Part 1 of his final journey? If the influx of new releases tends to freak you out, here's a nice, easy guide featuring five November films you definitely don't want to miss.

'127 Hours'127 Hours (November 5th)
What's It About: James Franco stars in this real-life story about a mountain climber who is forced to cut off his own arm after he becomes trapped while hiking in the middle of nowhere.
Buzz: The film is directed by Danny Boyle, whose last big-screen effort (Slumdog Millionaire) brought the man an Oscar or two. And the same might happen again, as critics have already shortlisted 127 Hours for a Best Picture nod. The squeamish out there may want to keep in mind that, yes, they do show him cutting off his arm, but you can just close your eyes for that part…right?
Skyline (November 12th)
What's It About: When aliens invade earth and begin swallowing up its population (literally), a small group of people band together in an attempt to stay alive.
Buzz: Special effects wizards Colin and Greg Strause (Avatar, 2012, The Incredible Hulk and many more) are the ones in the director's chair for this, so you know the effects will be cool. Plus, who doesn't love a thrilling alien invasion flick right before the holidays?
What's It About: The first part of Harry Potter's final two-part journey begins with this installment which finds Harry and his friends on a mission to find the rest of the Horcruxes in order to finally defeat Lord Voldemort.
Buzz: C'mon, it's the final Harry Potter and it looks absolutely awesome. What other reason do you need to check it out?
Burlesque (November 24th)
What's It About: A small town girl with big city dreams heads to Los Angeles where she finds work at a burlesque club before finding her voice and discovering her dreams one tune at a time.
Buzz: The film marks the acting debut of Christina Aguilera, but it also features Cher's return to the big screen, too. Two iconic entertainers from different generations together on the same screen, ready to get their freak on? Yeah, definitely worth the price of admission.
'Love and Other Drugs'Love and Other Drugs (November 24th)
What's It About: Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway star as a couple of kids who think they have life all under control until they meet one another and, well, everything changes.
Buzz: Just the fact that these two look absolutely adorable in the trailers should be enough to sell both men and women on the film, but we should also add that Love and Other Drugs is gaining quite a bit of ground when it comes to Oscar buzz – thanks, mainly, to their performances.
Which film are you most excited to see this month?
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