The Five: Best On-Screen Romances

Oh love… what would we do without it? Valentine's Day is this Sunday, and that means it's time to get all lovey-dovey on you with some fun, romantic features. You've probably already scoped out our Top 10 Romantic Movie Gestures list (and if you haven't, then what are you waiting for – it's pretty awesome!), and so now I'm going to play it safe and throw out my five favorite on-screen romances before asking you to chime in with yours.

Ahem in no particular order:
Han Solo and Princess Leia ('Star Wars')
Han and Leia
Why They Rock: He's cocky and controlling, while she's strong, independent and determined. He'll do anything to protect her, while she'll put him in his place if he says the wrong thing. Together they're one of cinema's most unique couples, yet one that so many of us can relate to.
Current Relationship Status: In all likelihood, Han and Leia are married but in therapy dealing with issues like why their kids all of a sudden want to become Jedis.
Alvy Singer and Annie Hall ('Annie Hall')
Why They Rock: Still my favorite Woody Allen movie all these years later, the relationship between Alvy and Annie is dated, yes, but it still manages to speak to our neurotic side in more ways than one. He's a bit too lost in his head, and she's just ditzy enough to think that's charming. Together they're a disaster, but in a lot of ways they're perfect for each other too.
Current Relationship Status: Oh, these two aren't still together – no way, no how. And if they ever did get married, they divorced within the first two years.
Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson ('Grease')
Why They Rock: They sing, they dance, they fight – she's Australian, he's a greaser, and by the end of this rocky (and rockin') relationship, we've memorized their words and we're itching for more. Makes you want to just grab that girl/guy of your dreams, and scream…"You're the one that I want.
(you are the one I want), o,o, oo, honey!"
Current Relationship Status: Married, three kids, a dog and a cozy life somewhere in the suburbs.
Jamal and Latika ('Slumdog Millionaire')
Why They Rock: Talk about a love that stands the test of time, this guy was so determined to find his one true love that he went on a game show in the hopes that she'd be watching. Meanwhile, she made a daring and deadly escape from her violent drug-dealing boyfriend's compound in order to be with the guy who almost got away.
Current Relationship Status: Seeing as actors Dev Patel (Jamal) and Freida Pinto (Latika) are boyfriend and girlfriend in real life, I'd say the fictional couple is still together and happier than ever.
Joel and Clementine ('Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind')
Joel and Clementine
Why They Rock: Quirky, unique and crazy enough to try to erase the memory of one another from their minds, this couple proved that even if you physically break up, your memories may remain in love long after she turns in the key to your place.
Current Relationship Status: Not together, but dreaming of each other every night.
Now it's your turn – tell us who your favorite on-screen couples are …



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