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The Five: Actors Who Could Play the New Superman

The internet is buzzing over news that David Goyer (co-writer on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) is most likely going to write the new Superman movie, hoping to breathe new life into a franchise that really deserves to be back on the big screen in full force. However, chances are very great that both Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer won't be back this time around. So, that leaves us wondering who should play the next Superman.

When choosing five actors for the role of Clark Kent/Superman, I first began with the short list of actors for Captain America since, more than likely, that's where Warner Bros. will begin their search.
1. John Krasinski
John Krasinski
You Mainly Know Him From: "The Office"
Why Him: Assuming he isn't cast as Captain America, Krasinski has that perfect combo of all-American charm and relatable, good-guy looks. He's tall and skinny, and I'm sure with enough training he can learn how to throw a punch or two. Let's face it: Superman ain't exactly known for his expert fighting skills.
Best Trait: He's extremely charismatic
2. Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion
You Mainly Know Him From: "Firefly", "Castle" and "Desperate Housewives"
Why Him: He's been heavily involved in the fanboy community for awhile, and no one looks the part more than Fillion, who could easily slip into Supes shoes. He's older though (38), but they may want an older and wiser Superman this time around since it won't be an origin story.
Best Trait: His geek cred
3. Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford
You Mainly Know Him From: "Gossip Girl"
Why Him: He even has a great name for a Superman actor: Chace Crawford – it's about as All-American as that crusty, week-old apple pie they're selling in the food section at Walmart. Seriously, though, Crawford might be a little too pretty for Superman; the kind of guy you'd expect in a reboot, origin story. But if the studio wants to go young and hot-right-now, they'll most likely bring Crawford in for an audition.
Best Trait: Has the teen girl population wrapped around his finger
4. Scott Porter
Scott Porter
You Mainly Know Him From: Friday Night Lights and Speed Racer
Why Him: An up-and-comer from the small screen, Porter brings a little more small-town ruggedness to the role; he's the kind of guy who isn't afraid to dirty up that pretty face. Plus, his last two films were Dear John and Bandslam. I think he's another one who could woo that female crowd.
Best Trait: Between Bandslam, Prom Night and Speed Racer, he definitely shows diversity.
5. Will Smith
Will Smith
You Mainly Know Him From: C'mon, it's Will Smith!
Why Him: Well, why not him? Who said Superman had to be some white dude? Smith proved he's got the superhero chops after starring as one in Hancock. He looks good in a tight costume, brings a slew of those All-American vibes and is probably one of the most charismatic actors working today. Plus, what a way to change up the Superman franchise, right?
Best Trait: C'mon, it's Will Smith!
Now it's your turn – sound off below on who you think should play Superman…
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