The Cast and Crew of 'Into Darkness' Land at the Endeavour; Plus Win 'Star Trek' Stuff

Even in retirement, the Space Shuttle Endeavor soars among the stars as the cast and creators of Star Trek Into Darkness beamed into a celestial celebration of the film’s home video debut.

Director J.J. Abrams captained the event on Tuesday at the Endeavor's home, the California Science Center in Los Angeles, joined by the film’s stars Simon Pegg, Alice Eve, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Weller and the Vulcan who was there 47 years ago when the space opera started, Leonard Nimoy, along with Emile Hirsch, Olympian Gabby Douglas, Pain & Gain actress Bar Paly, NFL star Shawne Merriman, and Paul and Mira Sorvino.

Here’s what we heard when the Trek troupe opened their hailing frequencies:

J.J. Abrams, on how his perspective has changed after two films, given that he wasn’t a die-hard Trekkie: “I've come to appreciate it in a way that I hadn't, obviously, and coming back to the second film, even more so. You're seeing the Endeavour, and reminded that it's not just a fantasy idea of traveling in space; it's something that actually is real and will continue to progress and get to a place maybe not exactly like Star Trek, but the idea of all of us working together. An optimistic vision of the future is never a bad thing.”

Simon Pegg, on his Trek feelings now, being the old-school fanboy among the cast: “I'm not a spectator anymore, I'm a participant, and that makes for a different experience. I feel very protective of it, I feel very loyal to it, and yeah, I feel like part the of the family now."

Composer Michael Giacchino, on living the Trekkie dream: “The joy of it for me is the fact that I get to still revel in these characters that I grew up with. When I was a kid I was making movies all the time, so I feel like my life hasn't changed all that much. The types of movies that I'm working on are exactly the types of movies I would have wanted to be working on if you had asked me that question when I was a kid.”

Alice Eve, on whether she hopes the tweaked Trek timeline puts Carol Marcus and Jim Kirk together, or keeps them apart: “Ask any woman who's been with a lovable rogue, and she'll give you the pros and the cons. I think that you can maybe have a good, real love, but also maybe not so much trust.”

John Cho, on his personal hopes for the next Star Trek installment: “Let's go for one more action sequence for Sulu. Let's go TWO swords. Two swords, a gun. And a wrestling match.”

Pegg, on his personal sequel vision: “I know we're on our five-year mission now, so I'd like to get out there and break out into the galaxy and come across some new stuff and maybe create some adversaries that we haven't seen before. And I'd like to see a shower scene with Scotty and Uhura – and Alice!”

Abrams – who’ll next be behind the camera for the much-anticipated revival of Star Wars – on putting a fresh spin on an established entertainment property: “There's no method. There's no system. It's just that feeling of wanting to take something and saying, ‘How do you make it into something that feels like a brand new idea that feels like it's a relevant, funny, exciting, thrilling, compelling story?’ And that's always the litmus test, however it ends up happening.”

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