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The Best Horror Trailers of This Year

The Best Horror Trailers of This Year

As the first introduction that audiences have to a film, the trailer poses important questions: How do you get people excited to see a film? What is too much information? And what isn't enough? If making a good trailer is difficult, making a good horror trailer is truly a tough call. It should pique interest without giving away any secrets, and it should reveal the movie's tone while keeping it PG-13 enough for mainstream viewing. The following represent the best horror trailers of 2013, the brightest and boldest, the strongest and most unique.



Producer Guillermo del Toro's Mama trailer was one of the best of the year, right up until they committed one of the cardinal sins of trailer-making: revealing the monster. Still, the story is compelling, two little girls raising themselves in the woods until they are taken in by family (including Jessica Chastain), and then strange events begin to occur. With creepy inhuman body movements, a deep and abiding sense of dread and children engaging in frightening behavior, this trailer had (almost) everything necessary to succeed.



Everyone is dying (pun intended) to know if this creepy remake about a bullied teen (Chloe Grace Moretz) who discovers the power to harm is going to actually be good. With weird, deeply religious overtones, the sense of otherworldly mystery and powerful forces, the trailer gives us a good look at what could very well be one of the most feminist-minded horror films we've seen lately. With acting, music and imagery all on point, this revitalized story is going to give the original film a run for its money.


You're Next

Slip on your animal mask and sit down to dinner with the family. Hilarious, strange and absolutely enthralling horror unlike anything else to get a release this year, You're Next focuses on a family reunion gone horribly wrong as masked killers hunt them down, one by one. Spooky and tantalizing, the You're Next trailer is a perfect blend of eerie music, strangely appropriate humor and bloody visuals, and the inclusion of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" puts it firmly in the awesome column.


The Conjuring

The Conjuring was a surprise smash hit, earning over $243 million worldwide so far. Do you think that had to do with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga playing supernatural investigators or this terrifying teaser trailer that got everyone talking months before the release date? Combining the overpoweringly frightening elements of creepy old houses, childhood blindman's bluff and mysterious unexplained sounds, this simple but effective trailer quite frankly scares the living daylights out of everyone who sees it. While The Conjuring may not have reinvented the wheel, this sneak peek let everyone know they were in for one hell of a scary time.



Unlike anything we'd seen before outside of Hitchcock's scariest, there was something otherworldly about the vision and execution of Stoker. Starring Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska, the film centers on a tortured family, and their strange secrets, in the Deep South. The trailer gives away various memorable images and perhaps outlines the plot a bit too thickly, but all in all it gives us enough of a look that we crave more. Driven more by images than narration, the trailer sets the tone for what to expect from the film itself. Sexual awakening, dark secrets and horrific realizations all come to life in the vivid trailer for one of the year's best.


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