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The Best Dance Scenes in Movies

Nothing spices up a movie quite like an amazing dance scene. In honor of the rad moves on display in Think Like a Man Too, here are some of our favorite dance scenes from movies.


Napoleon Dynamite

Not everyone needs a dance partner, as Jon Heder proves at the end of this high school comedy about an awkward loner who definitely marches to the beat of his own drum.


Pretty in Pink

Jon Cryer attempts to impress his dream girl by sliding and gliding through a record shop to the tune of Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness." Molly Ringwald wasn't all that impressed, but we were!



In a movie full of memorable dance numbers, it's this adorably sexy dance-off between John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John that always manages to melt our hearts. Plus, those leather pants!


500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt brilliantly and hilariouly reveals what it feels like to fall in love with this magical dance through the streets of Los Angeles, featuring cameos from Han Solo, a marching band and a few animated birds.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The best thing about this song is that its lyrics provide instructions on how to perform the dance so you can do it at home... or in a theater at midnight among a bunch of your favorite freaks and geeks.


Saturday Night Fever

Grease cemented John Travolta's status as an actor with Hollywood's best dance moves, but it was this iconic scene from a different movie one year earlier that truly kicked off Travolta fever.


Step Up 2 the Streets

If we had to choose one dope dance to represent the Step Up movies, it'd be this amazing rain-soaked number from the second installment. Prepare to have your mind blown.


Risky Business

It's the scene that turned Tom Cruise into a star. Also, it's Tom Cruise in his underwear! Enough said.



What happens when a bunch of high school kids who've never been allowed to dance finally get the chance to kick off those Sunday shoes? Oh, only the most epic dance ever.


House Party

Remember Kid and Play? The early '90s hip-hop duo kicked off the popular House Party franchise with a first installment that featured an amazing dance-off between Kid and Play and the two girls they're trying to woo. 


Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey have the time of their lives stealing our hearts with this iconic finale from one of the all-time great dance movies. 


Pulp Fiction

It's John Travolta again! Only this time he's showing off some vintage 1950s dance moves alongside Uma Thurman inside the ultimate retro diner.


Singin' in the Rain

Gene Kelly uses an umbrella as a dance partner in a classic scene that forever changed what it meant to go for a casual stroll in the rain.


West Side Story

Boys square off against girls in this lively dance number about what it means to live in America from the 1961 movie musical. 



What's so impressive about this dance scene from the original Annie is how the orphans incorporate various props into their performance, from mops and buckets to a fabulous pillow fight near the end.

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