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'The Avengers' Trailer: Tons of New Footage of Both Heroes and Villains


The new trailer for The Avengers has arrived courtesy of Apple, but before the new look at one of the most anticipated movies of the year arrived,  Entertainment Tonight unleashed one of their little preview pieces giving us a taste of what to expect from the new promo, as well as some behind-the-scenes nuggets from the cast. Yesterday Disney released a new poster for the superhero mash-up that a lot of folks trashed for various photoshop-related reasons, though it definitely does succeed in getting the message across that this is a film packed with hot-looking superheroes, giant green men and plenty of explosions. That's what we want to see from a film like this, and so far the promo materials have delivered.

Can you believe we're only two months away from a live-action Avengers movie in theaters? Check it May 4th. Watch the preview below as well as the new trailer and share your thoughts below.



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